Soccer and Dentistry

An unlikely connection between a premiership footballer and his amalgam filling recently occurred. He was referred to me by his kinesiologist/chiropractor because he could not sprint and subsequently had to abandon his dream at age 23 years. He had two surgical procedures to improve the blood flow to his legs without any improvement.

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Mercury Vapor Analysis

Mercury vapor is constantly being emitted from amalgam fillings (50% Hg)

Unfortunately, more of it is inhaled or retained in the body than exhaled. Cigarette smoke would be similar except that you can smell, taste and see it unlike mercury fumes. Over many years and accumulating a large database of breath measurements of HG, we can make certain predictions of outcomes.

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Multiple Sclerosis and Mercury fillings

M.S is a demyelination inflammatory disease of the C.N.S in which activated immune cells cause neurodegeneration and tissue damage.

Currently there are three clinical phenotypes and is of extreme relevance to dentists because dental amalgam contains 50% mercury (HG) which is one of the most toxic material on earth as it is an immunosuppressant (not what you need with corona viruses! etc) and a neurotoxin.

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