Soccer and Dentistry

An unlikely connection between a premiership footballer and his amalgam filling recently occurred. He was referred to me by his kinesiologist/chiropractor because he could not sprint and subsequently had to abandon his dream at age 23 years. He had two surgical procedures to improve the blood flow to his legs without any improvement.

The electrical energy to his leg muscles was impended by amalgam (mercury) fillings in the molars on both sides and both jaws. The leaking battery type affect when he would close his teeth together reduced the electrical energy and consequently reduce the oxygenation of his leg muscles. His second choice of career was to be an electrician which he was then commencing because his soccer careers seemed tatters. We commenced the process before Christmas replacing his amalgam with composite, which is not a conductor and does not contain mercury. Mercury is both an immunosuppressant and neurotoxin.

He returned for the final phase of treatment as the first patient of the new year. He informed me that he felt so much stronger now and was very excited as he was able to sprint again but he only had a ‘kick’ on the leg on the same side as the amalgams which I had replaced. He said he was so looking forward to the appointment because he was expecting the same result on the opposite side. I said that I cannot guarantee it but I like the way you’re thinking.

Treatment was completed and I contacted him for his three-month review and Hg breath test. He said he would be unable to attend as he was reinstated on the team playing in the English premiership and that he could sprint of either leg now and thanked me profusely for giving him his career/ dream back.

We are electrical beings and all parts of the body are connected. Safely removing major impediments such as amalgam, tumors an toxins, can have life changing consequences for most people.

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