White Filling

We are a holistic dental practice specializing in replacing amalgam (mercury) fillings with non-conducting, nontoxic alternatives usually composite. A filling is one of the most basic methods of restoring a tooth. It allows us to fill a hole in a tooth which has been caused by either decay, teeth grinding or that has simply broken or cracked.  

At Vevay Dental, we use the most modern, effective BPA free composite material. We also use a gentle and comfortable anaesthetic technique always making sure that throughout every visit with us you are happy from start to finish. Once we have removed the decay using a small dental drill the tooth is filled with composite material and then cured with a special blue led light on each layer to speed up the setting process. 

We will then file and shape the filling, so that it looks realistic and does not interfere with your bite and chewing surface. Once that is done it will then feel comfortable immediately. White fillings are only suitable where there is enough tooth structure left to support them.  

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