Removal of Amalgam / Mercury (Silver) Fillings

At Vevay Dental we follow a mercury / amalgam free protocol in the practice – this means we do not place any mercury fillings, only white fillings and BPA free white fillings; the removal of old mercury fillings follows the IAOMT (SMART) protocol. 

More and more people consider mercury removal from their teeth for health and wellbeing, Mercury is one of the most toxic substances. Mercury vapor is continuously emitted from dental fillings, it accumulates in the body over time which is harmful to the human health. 

Most people do not realize “silver” amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury and only 35% silver. Mercury is continuously released from amalgam fillings. 

We have scientific data from many patients proving that amalgam fillings are contaminated with thallium which is more toxic than mercury. 

Most dentist are aware and equally unaware of the toxic effect of mercury on a patient.

When you attend our practice for a holistic consultation.  

  • It will entail an extensive examination with Dr Murphy. 
  • A breath test which reads the level of mercury released from the oral cavity, the machine used is called a Mercury Vapour Analysing machine.  
  • Intra oral photographs of relevant pathology in your mouth. 
  • An OPG Xray this shows the overall view of the mouth and will tell the dentist if there are any health issues ongoing with gums, bone or failed root canals, as well as showing the depth of the amalgam fillings also. 
  • A detox programme suited to each induvial person. 
  • A treatment plan will be provided. 

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