Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April 2023 represents Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Oral cancer is in the top seven most common cancers in the world. The signs and symptoms of oral cancer can present itself in many ways, some can even be quite alike to common complaints that are not so serious. Educating ourselves and our patients is the best […]

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How a dentist saved my life

Susan Ryan: How a Dentist Saved My Life By Dr John Murphy For 10 years, Susan Ryan (49) battled with chronic illness. Her symptoms included vomiting, breathing difficulties, congestion and blackouts. After a terrifying blackout at home, Susan was banned from driving. With no answers coming, she felt her life was over. In the interview […]

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Oral Health

Maintaining a healthy oral cavity is all about routine and persistence. Taking five minutes out of your day can hugely improve your oral care. Making good decisions on what foods and drinks to have also has a huge impact on the health of our teeth and the whole body. Foods can often be very deceiving […]

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Oral Cancer

Oral cancer has now become the seventh most common cancer in the world. Regular check ups with your dentist are crucial in the early detection of oral / mouth cancer. Dentists are experienced to detect any changes and/or uncommon findings in your oral cavity. Oral cancer cannot be prevented but each patient can reduce the […]

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