Oral Health

Maintaining a healthy oral cavity is all about routine and persistence. Taking five minutes out of your day can hugely improve your oral care. Making good decisions on what foods and drinks to have also has a huge impact on the health of our teeth and the whole body.

Foods can often be very deceiving in that the sugars can be quite high on a product that is advertised as ‘healthy’. Non processed foods are the best for our bodies which also include our teeth. They usually are more nutritious and have less sugars, therefore fueling us with more energy and having a healthy amount of nutrients in our body. Apart from the foods we eat, the other big aspect that has a huge impact on our oral health is the drinks we intake. Fizzy drinks that have a high sugar content are not good for our bodies. The low sugar minerals are also not great because they are carbonated, this can cause erosion on the tooth surfaces which can cause sensitivity and put them in harm’s way of decay.

Once we have the food and drink portion of maintaining a healthy mouth down, we can then look at the manual aspect of keeping our mouth clean. Physical cleaning of the mouth with a toothbrush is the most efficient way of keeping them clean. Patients should brush twice daily and for 2-3 mins each time.

Flossing and using Tepes are another major aspect in the cleanliness of teeth. Flossing and Tepes are designed to help reach those areas of the teeth we cannot reach with our toothbrush. This should also be carried out daily to help prevent decay between the teeth.

Regular checkups – twice a year is sufficient for most patients to help keep on top of the maintenance of their teeth. Our fantastic hygienist Catherine can also help maintain your oral health with regular cleans. Twice a year is usually sufficient for patients. During your appointment with Catherine, she will go through different brushing techniques and go over any area you may be missing or not brushing properly.

Overall, keeping an eye on what you eat and drink, regular check ups and making sure you are brushing and flossing and/or using Tepes are the main ways to keep your oral health in tip top shape.

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