Multiple Sclerosis and Mercury fillings

M.S is a demyelination inflammatory disease of the C.N.S in which activated immune cells cause neurodegeneration and tissue damage.

Currently there are three clinical phenotypes and is of extreme relevance to dentists because dental amalgam contains 50% mercury (HG) which is one of the most toxic material on earth as it is an immunosuppressant (not what you need with corona viruses! etc) and a neurotoxin.

Deluded dentists still believe that it is safe to implant into patients and unaware of the damage being done to themselves, their staff and innocent patients.

Mercury from amalgam fillings crosses the blood brain barrier (B.B.B). The myelin sheath (insulation) around the ascon of nerves becomes the target of attach by the persons immune cell infiltrate. The immune system is mis programmed to attack itself following the leakage of mercury through the B.B.B. Mercury is stored throughout the body in fatty tissue especially the neuronal system.

The mercury in dental amalgam triggers the immune response to damage the neuronal systems of the body.

‘Foggy head’ is one of the commonest symptoms associated with mercury toxicity which I see in virtually all my patients presently with HG overload due to mercury crossing the B.B.B.

Fortunately, some of our well documented M.S patients make great recoveries after having their amalgam carefully and safely removed and replaced. Their recuperation is greatly helped with a variety of detoxification process and vitamin D.

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