Mercury Vapor Analysis

Mercury vapor is constantly being emitted from amalgam fillings (50% Hg)

Unfortunately, more of it is inhaled or retained in the body than exhaled. Cigarette smoke would be similar except that you can smell, taste and see it unlike mercury fumes. Over many years and accumulating a large database of breath measurements of HG, we can make certain predictions of outcomes.

Bruxing releases higher amounts of mercury as does hot drinks and fractured amalgam fillings.

Fortunately, 90% of patients who have all their amalgams safely removed have no mercury in their exhaled breath sample after three months and usually a corresponding improvement in the medical symptoms and signs of toxicity.

A small percentage require further detoxification assistance after three months especially patients with M.E. Many chronic fatigue patients get very significant and rapid improvement of their energy status afterwards.

Blood measurement of HG is unreliable and inaccurate whereas breath measurement is a much better objective indicator of toxicity and sequelae  

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