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Mercury Fillings Removed


Removal of Amalgam/ Mercury (Silver) Fillings

Priority Order for Amalgam Removal

Root canal-treated teeth with pins or screw-posts of non-precious metals and metal crowns with amalgam cores should be treated first.


Next are amalgams in direct constant contact with gold. Often the amalgam can be removed while the gold inlays, the crown or the bridge, can be left. What to do with the fold can be decided later.


Where there is direct intermittent biting contact between amalgam and gold in opposing teeth.


Where there is direct contact between amalgam and other metals like partial chromium-cobalt dentures.


Most patients have several different types of amalgam fillings, and the ones containing the newer types of amalgam high in copper (non-gamma-2 amalgam) should be removed first. The priority order between different filings can be based on the patient’s own opinions or visible signs of corrosion and discoloration.


Amalgam fillings in contact with gum tissue. It might be necessary to remove metal-impregnated gum tissue surgically.




Protection of the patient during amalgam removal

The surgery should have good ventilation and an efficient filtration system. When drilling the filling should be sectioned into chunks and elevated where possible. If any metal has been used as a restorative material, then all amalgams should be removed first. Patients should wear clothes covering as much skin as possible. For sensitive patients, when drilling out amalgam cover the eyes with wrap around goggles.

Post-treatment protocols

Removal of body mercury after removal of fillings is crucial, but often neglected. A reservoir of mercury has accumulated in the body over the years and needs to be flushed out. Methods depend on presenting symptoms, vitamin and mineral supplements such as vitamins A, C, E, B12, folic acid, selenium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, amino acids, glutathione peroxidise, reduced glutathione, glutathione complex and glutamine, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids and acidophilus. Warm baths, low-heat saunas, acupuncture, massage, counselling and healing have all proved useful. Any remaining Candida, food allergies and digestive disorders usually become more amenable to treatment.


Most patients who do not feel better retain hardened faecal matter containing trapped particles of mercury/amalgam and other combination of corroded metals. Treat with high-fibre diets, added fibre, food-combining techniques where appropriate (Hay diet) and possible colonic irrigation. Green food supplements such as spirolina, chlorella, blue green algae and chlorophyll are rich in vitamins and minerals and bind to heavy metals, but provided that digestion and absorption are sound, the best source of nutrients is a good diet. Exercise and reduction of stress play their part in restoration of health.


Mercury is continuously released from amalgam fillings, and numerous research investigations have clearly shown that mercury from this source provides the major contribution to body burden of mercury. The vapour has a direct pathway to the brain. It is inhaled into the lungs, oxidized to ionic mercury and binds to cell proteins.

Mercury is the only cumulative vaporizing poison permanently implanted in the human body.

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